ONWARD Disney Day

Disney Pixar’s ONWARD has officially been on Disney + for THREE DAYS! If you haven’t been able to watch this magical movie yet, go now. We were able to see this in theaters before theaters shut down and it was so worth it. All my dragons (8, 4, and 2) were mesmerized and sat/behave through the entire film! How’s that for a review? Not to mention, there were tears shed (I won’t say by whom…but it could be the person writing this).

With this magical movie came lots of ideas, and I just couldn’t sit still another minute without planning a day dedicated to ONWARD. Or, let’s be real- our “day” spanned over a week. That is also because my boys caught a common cold (at least, we think that’s all it was), so they took their time doing these crafts and activities. But they weren’t disappointed.

We started off by making Wizard Hats and (mini) Staffs. Like Ian Lightfoot, these kids had the touch of a wizard and made up their own names. This lead to so much role-play and make-believe. It was amazing to watching their imaginations come alive. For more on this craft, visit this post.

After dressing them up as Wizards, they naturally had to go on a quest. This scavenger hunt was easy enough but still required some brain power to solve the clues and find the Phoenix Gem at the end. Our Phoenix Gem lead to one more thing: a treat!

If you want to make a yummy lunch or dinner after wearing your kids out with the crafting and play, Laurel Lightfoot’s Pigs-In-A-Blanket With Special Dipping Sauce is the perfect choice! When we cuddled up to watch the magic of ONWARD at home, we made these like Laurel does for Ian’s birthday party. We also served them with Cheetos, because this is a snack that helps the Lightfoot boys a lot in their quest to spend more time with their Dad.

There were two things I loved most about the movie: the brother’s bond, and their mighty warrior Mama. The Lightfoots are a family that come together to make sure every person is safe and loved. This is done through tests of trust, protection, love– and so many laughs.

Disney Pixar’s ONWARD is now available to buy, or view with a subscription on Disney +!

Did you have an ONWARD Disney Day? Tag DIY Disney Days on social media- we’d love to see!

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