Tick Tock Croc Puppets

Never smile at a crocodile….

Except for these puppets, because they are way too fun.

The tick-tock-croc is a favorite from Peter Pan and Jake and the Neverland Pirates in our house. It seemed only right we did a fun craft with him.


  • Brown Paper Bags/ Lunch Bags
  • Free Printable (below)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Goggly Eyes (optional)


  • Let your kiddos color the print outs to make their crocodiles however they want.
  • Let them cut out, or assist in cutting out, the pieces once they’re done.
  • To glue the crocodile belly (so you have the clock underneath), glue the clock piece first, and then only part of the overlying belly so you can flip up the flap to see what’s underneath.
  • Lastly, add your googly eyes so the croc can make silly faces just like in Peter Pan.

Don’t forget to wear your Peter Pan or Pirate hats while doing the craft- and let the croc pretend to gobble up some Lost Boys Trail Mix while you’re at it!

Click to Download and Print
Click to Download and Print

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