Peter Pan Disney Day

Second star to the right, and straight on ’til morning!

Peter Pan has always been a family favorite, not to mention a personal favorite. We had so much fun doing a Peter Pan Disney Day because there’s so much that can be done!

Plus, you don’t have to watch the original Peter Pan. You can watch Hook, or Jake and the Neverland Pirates, or Return to Neverland.

We started our day by making some easy Peter Pan hats. The great thing about these is they can double up! Just place them on the head horizontally instead and you can make a pirate hat. My dragons love Peter Pan as much as they love Pirates of the Caribbean, so they were excited to discover we could make these again as pirate hats.

Our snacks took a little prep time, so we did those next. If you haven’t checked out our Pixie Punch, Lost Boys Trail Mix, and Pixie Pretzels recipes yet- you’re missing out. We had so much fun watching the pixie dust, in particular, swirl in the pixie punch and make the pixie pretzels sparkle.

The Lost Boys Trail Mix was made to look woodsy- something the lost boys might collect while out looking for Hook and his gang!

While our pixie pretzels were hardening (since they’re dipped in white chocolate), we made the trail mix and then moved on to our Tick-Tock Croc craft.

The dragons especially loved that the belly had a flap so you could see the clock inside the crocodile’s belly.

After this craft it was the perfect time to make the Pixie Punch and start our movie! Since the punch has popsicles in it, you don’t want to make this until right before you’re ready to serve it. Otherwise it’ll sit a bit too long and the punch won’t remain cold and fizzy.

We went with the classic for our movie viewing, but just a few days later we managed to watch Hook as well.

What is your favorite Peter Pan movie?

PS- MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU! We’ll have some Star Wars fun in the future.

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