If you were a Genie…

If you were a Genie, what would you look like?

This was a question I wondered aloud, especially after the live action Aladdin came out with Will Smith. I was very excited that he was big and blue most of the movie, and loved that they gave him an opportunity to shine without all the special affects.

That being said, there were the classic moments when Genie had to be, well, Genie! As my littles love to be crafty and creative, I decided to pose this question to them (along with what their three wishes would be). This one, however, I saved for after we watched the live-action Aladdin.

The dragons had a lot of fun coloring and imagine what they would look like as a Genie, and I was anxious to see their ideas. My oldest stuck to the more traditional sense of Genie, drawing himself more as a cartoon-like creature than something like Will Smith’s genie in the live action film.

I was really impressed with my youngest, who took such care to color in the lamp and tail- although he didn’t design a genie at all.

This goes so nicely with our other Genie sheets we did, don’t you think? If you haven’t printed those out or made some of Aladdin’s Pita Bread, you’re missing out!

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