Aladdin Disney Day

Aladdin, to me, is one of the best Disney movies from the 90s, hands down. Maybe even of all time. The music, the story, the characters- I just love it all.

For our Aladdin Disney Day(s) we kept it simple but the spirit of the movies was easy to bring to life through our pages and recipe. We started by making some absolute delicious pita bread and presenting it on a snack tray to nibble on while watching the movie.

The pita bread was so easy to make, and the dragons have been asking for more ever since they first tasted it.

After the movie, we settled down to ponder what our three wishes would be if we found the magic lamp.

After watching the live-action Aladdin, the dragons had fun imagining themselves as a genie and bringing it to life through art.

I loved that our activities really drew out their imaginations and made them take some time to think.

So, what would your three wishes for Genie be?

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