Inside Out Emotions Game

Sadness, Joy, and Anger.

For the Inside Out game, I wanted an opportunity to explore emotions in another fun way. It was an easy set up, and there are many ways you can do it with younger and older kids.

Supplies Needed:

  • Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, and Blue Construction Paper
  • Inside Out clipart, cut out (printable below)
  • Scenario Circles (printable below)
  • Tape


  • Set up your Construction Paper with the matching characters from Inside Out (Yellow= Joy, Red = Anger, Green= Disgust, Purple = Fear, Blue = Sadness). You can put the Construction Paper anywhere, but it’s best to keep them lined up in some sort of fashion for younger kids. I wanted to do this outside, but we happened to have our Inside Out day on a rainy day.
  • Cut out the Scenario Circles. If you have younger kids, go ahead and put tape on the back of these so they are ready to stick to the construction paper. If you have older kids, you can set tape out to make this an extra step. Lay these upside down near the Construction Paper for younger kids or you can make it a race for older kids. (Only one of my dragons currently knows how to read, so we couldn’t make this a race.)
  • If you have younger kids, read the scenarios for them (or have someone older do it) and let them decide where the scenario should go. I loved this because it lets them decide how they would feel. After all, some kids might like to splash in puddles and others could find it disgusting!
    * If you have older kids, divide the scenarios in to two piles and let them race to put theirs on the papers first. Whoever is finished first, wins!
  • Take the time to discuss why certain scenarios make them feel these emotions. It’s a fun recap, and gives you another opportunity to ask “why” and dive deeper if wanted.

Don’t forget to make the Pizza and do the Crafts for Inside Out, too!

Click to Print/Download. Clipart from
Click to Download/Print.
Click to Download/Print.
Click to Download/Print.

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