Inside Out Disney Day

In a time when emotions are high and running together, it seemed perfect to have an Inside Out day to dive deeper with the dragons.

We started the day by making some delicious Homemade Pizza with absolutely no broccoli. In Inside Out, when Riley moves to San Francisco, she tries to cheer the moment by saying they should get pizza- and all they find is pizza with broccoli on it.

Since the dough has to rise for an hour, the dragons started the movie, then paused to help with toppings, then finished the later half of the film with the results of their hard work.

After the movie, we dove into some crafty fun with emotions. First the dragons explored what one of their Islands of Personality would be. This is a fun activity because it makes the kiddos think of a big piece of what makes them, them. While I was hoping for a Family Island from at least one of them, they zoned in on LEGOs, Harry Potter, and Batman.

Next, the dragons took some time to think of what makes them tick. This was a little harder with my 4YO, but my 8YO really took to it. He made his lists of things that make him happy, sad, angry, fearful, and disgusted.

When we set these up, the colorings of them are supposed to be holding the emotions that they feel the most. My oldest picked Joy and Anger (totally fitting), while my middle picked Joy and Fear- which really surprised me. Again, though, he’s four- and I’m not entirely sure it all fully clicked with him.

Last, but not least, we did our Inside Out Emotions Game. This was a fun way to make them really put a name to the emotions they feel with certain scenarios. While “not getting to do what you want” made one of them sad, another one said it would make him feel angry.

This would be a fun game to turn into a race with older kids, while still taking the time after to discuss why things make them feel a certain way.

Inside Out Emotions Game

Our Inside Out day was really therapeutic. We’ve had a lot going on, and not just including what’s going on in the world, and it gave us designated time to sit down and talk as a family.

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