Little Mermaid Painting

As we are now into the warmer months, it seemed like the best time to do a Little Mermaid Disney Day!

Many might consider this a “girl movie” since Ariel is one of the Disney Princesses, but I am so thankful my boys will watch any Disney movie (just about). They love water, and what better way to be wet & wild than with The Little Mermaid!


  • paint & pain brushes
  • paper or canvas
  • Ariel silhouette printable, cut out
  • sea shells/underwater stickers/foam cutouts *optional

This actually turned out differently than I first planned, but I’m glad the dragons had minds of their own to make this even more spectacular!

We started by painting an under-the-water background on their canvases. (I only had two canvases in my craft closer, so my youngest didn’t mind painting on the back of a paper plate one bit!)

While their canvases were drying, they painted the back of their Ariel’s as they liked. My youngest ended up with a lot of glitter and yellow, but my older two dragons stuck to her colors in the movie.

While these were drying, we did our Little Mermaid activity and watched the movie. Afterwards, we came back to them and glued Ariel and some seashells on the painting. My boys also added Sebastian and Flounder to the painting after the water background dried.

I thought these turned out just absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to hang them up!

Tag us on IG or Facebook in a picture if you make one, too.

Click to Print/Download.

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