Under the Sea Mix and Mermaid Water

Confession: whenever we watch Little Mermaid, we eat some kind of seafood. That’s a little twisted, isn’t it?

For our Little Mermaid Disney Day, I decided our snacks needed to err on the side of pretty and delicious rather than… fishy.

(Although, I will be honest- my dragons asked for fish sticks to go along with it.)

Under the Sea Mix


This was pretty easy. If I’m honest, I didn’t measure. I just threw a handful of each thing into the cup and called it a day! I added the sprinkles last to make sure they were visible.

Mermaid Water


  • Berry Blue Typhoon Hawaiian Punch
  • Pineapple Juice
  • Sprite (optional)


  • Mix your Hawaiian punch and pineapple juice 2:1. So, two cups of Hawaiian punch = one cup of pineapple juice. If you’re going to serve all at once, half it with sprite. (Example: 4 C Hawaiian Punch, 2 C pineapple juice, 6 C sprite).

    Ta-Dah! That’s it! My youngest doesn’t like carbonation in drinks, so he was happy to drink the mermaid water without it.

    With my oldest ones, I added the sprite before serving. My husband said it tastes like a Mountain Dew Baha Blast without the caffeine. So, if you like that sort of thing- you’ll definitely like this!

Easy snacks to go with your movie viewing.

Don’t forget to start the Little Mermaid paintings before the movie so you can finish them after!

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