Make-your-own Hei Hei (with template/printables)

Hei Hei is the epitome of how my brain is working these days. There is a new chaos now that we’ve welcomed baby princess into the world, not to mention the “new normal” we are adjusting to as a family of six (SIX) and what it’s like to be in phase three in our state as we open up following the pandemic madness.

Let’s get back to the craft.

When my third dragon was a baby, Moana had just come out and his older brothers called him Hei Hei. Why? Because he kept trying to eat rocks. Needless to say, Hei Hei has a special place in our hearts because of that.

With our Moana movie day, I wanted to do some things that were a little more… abstract. Thanks to a quick Pinterest search, there are lots of crafts surround the heart of the ocean, Moana’s boat, and so forth. However, we didn’t find as much Hei Hei as I expected!

For this simple craft, you’ll need:

  • The printable template/coloring pages
  • crayons/coloring materials
  • construction paper (optional) or card stock
  • glue
  • feathers (optional)
  • googly eyes (optional)
  • small rocks/pebbles (optional)

  • Spend some time coloring Hei Hei’s body and oversized facial features. (If you’re going to print out the color template for his face, obviously don’t worry about coloring that part!)
  • Cut out your shapes and glue them to a sturdier piece of paper (the dragons picked out colors of construction paper, but I also think card stock would work great).
  • Add pebbles for Hei Hei to eat, and feathers and googly eyes to Hei Hei himself to give him more dimension.

I love doing these crafts because they never turn out 100% like I imagined because the dragons always have their own creative takes on them.

If you make them, let us see your kiddos creativity come to life! Find us/ Like us/ Tag us on Facebook and Instagram.

Click the image to print.
Coloring option for Hei Hei’s face. Click to Print.
Mostly filled in option. Click to print.

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