Bowling for Kakamora

When Moana is trying to convince Maui that he is afraid of the Heart of the Ocean, she attracts the Kakamora with her shouting. These “kind of cute” coconut creatures bring a nice amount of action to the beginning of Moana and Maui’s journey. We thought it would be fun to have a game of our own with them.

Supplies Needed:

  • Toilet Paper/Paper Towel Rolls (preferably nine, like a bowling pin set)
  • A smaller ball to represent a coconut/bowling ball for this set.
  • Printable of Kakamore to color
  • Scissors, Glue, Tape, Coloring Supplies


  • Color the Kakamora and cut them out when finished.

    *I was able to make them on my Cricut, so I had the dragons color them and then I used the Cricut to cut them out. If you have this option, it’s always worth it! (Unless, of course, your kiddos want to cut them out.)
  • Glue or tape your Kakamora to your TP rolls. You can also give your kiddos the option to color/pant the TP rolls, which I wish we would’ve done.

Set them up like bowling pins and go to town! As you can see, we only had eight rolls so I set them up creatively. You can have as many Kakamora or as few as you’d like for this!

The face when you miss.

If you want to, setting up a “bumper system” for smaller littles might be a good idea! My youngest (newly 3) ended up getting as close as he liked so he could hit the Kakamora. This game kept them entertained for a VERY long time.

Click to Print/Download.

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