Maleficent Horns Craft

Maleficent is my middle dragon’s favorite villain. When we went to Disneyland a little over a year ago, he was very disappointed that she was nowhere to be found. He especially loves her when she turns into a dragon in the cartoon classic Sleeping Beauty.

When a Sleeping Beauty day was requested, I knew I wanted to make the activities possible to also mix with the live action Maleficent. So we started with the easiest craft for a villain- Maleficent horns on a headband.


  • black headbands (I found these on Amazon)
  • Card stock, construction paper, or foam (I bought this foam on Amazon for our horns, but also did a few print outs of just paper that worked wonderfully!)
  • Hot Glue


  • Use the free template print out and let your littles either color it, or use it to trace the shape on foam to cut out for the headband.
  • Take your cut out horns and glue them to the headband.
  • TA DAH! Yes, they’re that easy. If you want to glam them up a bit- feel free to add some sequins or glitter. My little guys just wanted them plain and simple black. (My oldest, who is eight, refused to wear the horns since Maleficent is a woman.)

    * Another option is to use the printable and attach string/elastic so it wraps around the head. See the printable!

Use the horns with the headpiece if you are just going to cut out with construction paper and tie it around the head, not attach it to a headband. Otherwise, cut along the line closest to the horns without the headpiece and attach it to a headband!

Click to Download/Print.

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