Mulan Disney Day

Let’s get down to business… (to defeat… the HUNS!)

Disney just released the news that the live action Mulan will be released to Disney + for purchase September 4th. So, start planning your Mulan Disney Day now!

Our Mulan Disney Day was full of yummy food and Mushu-inspired craftiness. Also, dance parties. You have to have a dance party.

We started the day by making some yummy Chinese Almond Cookies. When things have to cook, this always gives us time to do the other fun as they do. I highly recommend doing it this way.

As these delicious cookies were baking, we worked on our Fire Breathing Mushu craft. These kept the dragons entertained for a very long time and they almost lost track of asking if the cookies were done and when they could have one.

I absolutely love this craft. They got to run around and pretend to be actual dragons and made a game out of who got who with their flames. Once the cookies were done, they settled down from their crazy dragon ways (for a little, that is), and enjoyed watching the first Mulan.

I have to admit, I’m “one of those” who doesn’t count all the sequels on any sort of same scale as the originals, but once the first movie was over they were already asking to watch Mulan II.

We took a break from the screen and went back to having fun. Before long we threw the Beef & Broccoli in the crockpot and settled down to watch (yes, I gave in) the second Mulan.

This recipe is so easy and quick. It’s one that I have been making for around ten years and I’m so excited to share it.

I have very clear memories of when this movie first came out because my little sister was absolutely obsessed (and still is). Anyone else remember having a dance party to True to Your Heart at the end of the movie? Stevie Wonder and 98 degrees anyone? Let’s hope the live-action film has a song worth of a dance party. (Although I’d say the new Christina Aguilera song Loyal Brave True is hardcore. Have you given it a listen yet?)

I’m anxiously awaiting when the live-action version will actually be released. Who’s with me?!

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