Up Wilderness Explorer Badges

“A Wilderness Explorer is friend to all, be it a plants or fish or tiny mole.”

– Wilderness Explorer Motto, Disney Pixar’s Up

Disney Pixar’s Up always makes me cry. (Let’s just get that out of the way.) This movie is beautiful all around, and an absolute adventure for anyone who decides to watch it.

When we went to Disneyland, one of my oldest dragon’s favorite things was the Wilderness Explorer Ceremony in the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail. So before we went for a second time, I decided we were going to make our own Wildness Explorer badges. We repeated this for our Up Disney Day for my younger two, who had since lost their badges.


  • Felt, Construction Paper, or Regular Paper
  • Hot Glue or Glue
  • Printable Template (See Below)
  • Scissors or Cricut
  • 2.5-3 inch Craft Buttons (Like THESE found on Amazon)


  • Print off the template included or load it on to your Cricut Design Space. If doing it by hand, you can choose to use it over Construction Paper or even Card Stock to make the badge sturdier.
  • Cut out each piece. Check the pictures for how the final product should look.
  • If using felt, I highly recommend using hot glue so it stays together better.
  • If you buy the buttons/pins listed above, you can easily put the design inside the button. Please note that it is the 3in button pictured, and it’s slightly bigger than the template provided. Our old ones, however, were on 2.5in buttons and we ended up gluing it to the outside.

Voila! You have your badge! These are super cute to pin to a lanyard when heading to one of the parks (we speak from experience). They get loads of compliments!

L: 3in Button with design inside. R: 2.5in button with design glued to the outside.

No matter how you make it, you can’t go wrong. Stay tuned for more Up fun.

Caw, Caw, ROAR!

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