Up Disney Day

For our Up Disney Day, we explored the outdoors, earned our Wilderness Explorer badges, and rewarded ourselves with S’mores Cookie Cups. Does that sound amazing or what?

We started our day making the S’mores Cookie Cups so they would be ready and waiting when we wanted them. This recipe is decently simple, and nothing but delicious. You also have the option to fill your cookie cups with whatever toppings you might want- it doesn’t have to be s’mores!

As the cookies were baking, we got our Wilderness Explorer Badges ready. As my oldest still had his intact that we made last year, and my youngest wasn’t exactly interested in this craft, my middle and I set to work. I have to say, the one-on-one crafting time was especially nice.

Once the badges were ready, all dragons gathered around the “campfire” (aka lunch in the living room) and enjoyed watching the movie. Near the end is when they finally got to enjoy/devour some S’mores Cookie Cups.

As soon as they were going to go outside and go on a nature hunt, it started to rain. So the boys explored the house looking for Paradise Falls. They also created an “adventure” box that said: ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE.

However, my youngest dragon decided to completely destroy the box before we got some pictures. You live and you learn, right? Promise to share that with you another time!

Do you love Disney Pixar’s Up? I can’t watch it without crying. Also, it honestly gave me a renewed love of balloons.

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