Andy’s Coming! Freeze Tag

Have you ever tried to yell: ANDY’S COMING! at Disneyland or Disney World? I seem to always forget, but I’ve always wanted to try. If you have, please let me know if the characters actually fell to the ground. I’d love to see that.

For Toy Story Day, we decided to do something similar. Tag is always a big hit with my kids. They love to RUN, and- bonus: it tires them out. So we decided to play a form of freeze tag/dance.

The person that is “it” or Andy, has to hide and count to ten while the “toys” are running around. However, when Andy decides he’s had enough- he yells “Andy’s coming!” and pops out. The Toys must freeze (preferably falling to the ground) so Andy doesn’t catch them. If Andy says he saw you move, you switch places. And so it continues.

You could also change this to “Bonnie’s Coming” or just “Kids are coming!” depending on when you play it/the Toy Story you’re watching.

Sweet and simple, this game made my dragons very happy. Eventually we had to instill counting to make sure the youngest actually stayed turned around for a little while, and to make sure my older dragons enjoyed playing over making it a competition to see who could not be Andy the quickest.

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