Toy Story Disney Day

Toy Story has always been one of my favorite series of Disney Pixar movies. I have to admit when they kept coming out with sequels, I was nervous every single time. But they never let me down.

Thankfully, my love for Toy Story passed down to my dragons. We stretched our Toy Story love out over a few days for the four films.

To set up our first day, I decided we’d do the first two movies with snacks. I prepared our Snake in My Boot + Alien snacks that were a big hit. We also enjoyed some bagel bites with Pizza Planet stickers on the paper plates for added affect.

After watching the first two films, we created our own Mr. Potato Heads before watching the third the next day. My dragons love the cut + glue crafts, so this was a big hit. Plus, I left them in black and white so they got to color them however they wanted.

After finishing the films, we decided to play a version of Freeze Tag only it’s: Andy’s coming! You could also change this to Bonnie’s Coming depending on when you play! The dragons had a lot of fun giggling and playing this, trying to stay still in silly positions.

I think it would be even more fun outside or with more kids! We’ve been experiencing some rainy days, so we had to stay indoors for it this time around.

Have you done a Toy Story day (or two or four) before? What were your favorite things to do? Share in the comments!

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