DIY Skeleton Jars (Coco inspired Dia de Los Muertos Luminaries)

Coco has been a favorite since it was released. I remember when we bought it, and my littles memorized “Remember Me”. My middle dragon pretended to play it on his ukulele, and my oldest would sing the words. I can’t watch the video, or the movie, without crying.

For our Coco day, we decided to make our own luminaries with a twist. Instead of making them out of paper, we made them with glass jars. We personally used washed jars from Oui Yogurt, but you could use mason jars or anything you have on hand!


  • Glass Jar of Some Kind
  • Sharpie/ Permanent Marker, thin tip
  • Glow Sticks
  • Tissue Paper


  • Decorate the glass jars with permanent markers. We did Sugar Skull designs which turned out really nicely with my oldest! (My other two just ended up drawing whatever they wanted.)
  • Roll your glow stick (already glowing) into the tissue paper ever so slightly and maneuver it into your jar. (This wasn’t very easy with the smaller jars, especially when replacing the glow sticks, but we made it work!)
  • Add extra tissue paper if needed.

The dragons loved these. They insisted on putting them in their rooms as little night lights, but I intend to set them out in a special spot come Halloween/ Dia de los Muertos!

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