Try the Gray Stuff!

You can’t do a Beauty and the Beast day without trying to make “the gray stuff.” It’s so memorable from the Be Our Guest song, and there are so many versions of it!

My dragons absolutely love Oreos, so I knew we had to find a way to do something with those. They each got a bag of three Oreos and used a spoon/measuring cup to smash them.

Then, they mixed these Oreos with 1/2 C Cool Whip.

We obviously had more gray stuff than needed, but they loved the process of making this.

I decided that eating Cool Whip and Oreos mixed together just wasn’t sufficient, so we made some brownies- cut them in the shape of Mickey, and spooned the Gray Stuff on top of these. It was simple and an absolutely delicious treat.


  • 8 – 9 Oreos, crushed up
  • 1 C Cool Whip

*Optional: Homemade Brownies


  • Mix the crushed up Oreos with the Cool Whip until it resembles a gray color.
  • Serve the Gray Stuff on top of brownies or on it’s own. It’s delicious either way!
  • BOOM. You’re done. Easy, sweet, delicious.

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