Beauty & the Beast Scavenger Hunt

When we did our Onward day, the dragons loved the scavenger hunt, and they’ve been begging for another one. Who am I to not give the people what they want?

For our Beauty and the Beast day, I thought a scavenger hunt that lead them to their dessert (the gray stuff) would make it taste that much sweeter- and I wasn’t wrong!

When I make scavenger hunts, I try to make them as vague as possible so others can use them easily. This sometimes makes them harder for the littles, and I have to admit I enjoy that. After all, what fun is the hunt if you get to the end of it right away?!

We did this after making our paper roses, as I staged those in a vase by our entryway for one of the clues. Make sure to make your own so it doesn’t get confusing!

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