Beauty and the Beast Disney Day

Beauty and the Beast is 29 years (and a day) old. How does that make you feel?

I love Beauty and the Beast. The story, the music, the animation- it’s just perfection. Let’s not even get in to the beauty of the state production and live action film.

Little princess in her Belle cosplay at two-months old.

For our Disney day, I wanted to try to bring about the timeless feel of the movie. We started off by making paper roses. I loved putting these together and then setting them out fit decorations. They could be perfect place markers for Thanksgiving!

Then we mixed things up and did our Scavenger Hunt! I included our paper roses in this activity, and had it lead to our easy and super delicious snack. The dragons love scavenger hunts, and ever since Onward I had been promising them another one. I finally delivered.

Finally, we enjoyed some gray stuff. In Be Our Guest, the gray stuff is something that has always intrigued…everyone, I’m guessing. There are multiple recipes, and there’s gray stuff you can find at the parks; we kept ours simple and easy/ something the dragons loved putting together.

May you have a Happy Thanksgiving, US readers! Make sure to find me on Instagram and Facebook for more Disney fun & shares!

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