Olaf Ornaments

Do you want to build a snowman??

I sure do! Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s all the winter holiday feels in our house. We kicked off the season with watching the first Frozen.

You might recall we did Frozen 2 back when it was released to Disney+, and this time was just as fun. We started off with these fun Olaf ornaments- and yay, free printable!


– Felt or Paper

– Olaf template (printable below)

– Googly

– Glue

– Twine/String


– Use the Olaf template to print off and put together. You can also use it to trace/cut the shapes from felt (or put it into your Cricut if you have one!).

– Put Olaf together and add some googly eyes! (Ours are currently MIA so we drew them in. My dragons also didn’t like the “empty noses” so we drew those in, too.)

– If you use paper, use a hole-punch to make a space for your added twine. If you use felt, use a hot glue gun to get your string to stay on the back.

Winter’s a good time to stay home and cuddle! Enjoy your Olaf craft.

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