Snowman Poop (Frozen)

Not only are we building snowmen for Frozen, we’re eating them, too!

While we made a snack tray for Frozen 2, we wanted to do something a little more wintry for frozen.

This snack is sweet, easy, and as my oldest said: “For poop, this actually tastes good!”

You’re welcome for that.


– 3 C of Kix cereal

– 6 to 10 oz white melting chocolates

– 1 to 3 C powdered sugar


– In a large bowl, follow the directions on your chocolates to completely melt them until nice and smooth when stirred (no bumps).

-‘Stir in your Kix and powdered sugar, alternatively adding them 1C at a time until you have them as coated as you’d like them to be.

* If mixture gets too difficult to mix, you can coat a cookie sheet with parchment paper and lay out the mix to help disburse the chocolates and powdered sugar better. This also makes any extra powdered sugar appear as “snow.”

That’s it! You might have some snow that appears a little yellow I’d not mixed quickly enough, so just remember this is the only time that eating yellow snow is ok!

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