Encourage One Another (Soul)

*Spoilers Alert. If you haven’t seen Soul, turn away now!*

When Joe goes back to find/help 22 and 22 is a lost soul, we see all these moments in their life flash around. Moments of mentors giving up, and ultimately failing 22. But the mentors say hurtful things to 22, and Joe faces what he said that really brought 22 down.

We previously talked about a “spark”. What big and little things could excite someone about life. This time, I thought I’d bring encouragement into the picture. After all, Joe as a teacher encouraged his students. For a little while, he truly was encouraging 22, and in the end- he inspired/encouraged/helped 22.

One reason I loved this idea is it reminded me of an activity we did for Inside Out day. It brought out my dragons’ own ideas of what is encouraging, and as a parent this was really fun to see. Not only to bring out that side of them to think of others, but to see for myself how I can continue to encourage them.

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