Aristocats Disney Day

Hey all you cool cats. Aristocats Disney Day was a big hit with the dragons. I love revisiting true classics that are before their time (and mine, let’s be fair).

We started our cat-tasting day by making Roquefort’s Biscuits and Creme de la Creme a la Edgar. Both these recipes were so easy, delicious, and lots of fun. Roquefort’s Biscuits can be cut into any shape you please, but we wanted them to look like his in the movie (well, except the one shaped like our favorite mouse).

After snacking and watching the movie, we made some Handprint Cats that are now displayed on my fridge. I love the way they turned out and they were fun to do! Whose kids don’t like finger/hand painting?!

We also listened to the soundtrack on repeat, particularly “Everybody Wants To Be a Cat.” The dragons played a “copy cat dance moves” game while doing this which I thought was so clever to go with the movie.

What are your favorite “extras” to do while watching The Aristocats?

I’m slowing down the blog this year due to our little Princess growing and doing ALL THE THINGS. This means posts are usually coming once a week instead of twice. I hope you’ll still check in and enjoy it just as much!

This slow-down is actually really hard for me. It makes me feel “behind” where I want to be. But it’s for the best, and we are still loving all the Disney fun in our house.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect next…

Our Rainbow Princess as Tiana at Seven Months Old

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