Dig a Little Deeper & Dream

One of my absolute favorite scenes in The Princess and The Frog is with Mama Odie. How can you not love her song?

I latched on to this theme during our Disney Day. After all, it isn’t just about the dreams you know- it’s about the dreams that grow. Sometimes we are so focused with what we are working towards or what we want, we forget to pay attention to what’s really going on- and sometimes we forget to enjoy life. I think we are all guilty of this.

So I asked my dragons to stop and think about what they WANT but then also what is most important to them. Like, is that goal? Is family? Is pizza? DIG DEEP, GUYS!

My oldest decided family was most important for support. He truly has tunnel vision with his dream of going to space. I love it so much. My two younger dragons weren’t as invested in this one (they were distracted by beignets).

Our family is starting to plan our FIRST EVER WDW visit and I am so overwhelmed, y’all! I know it’s so different with Covid, and as our hope is to go in 2022- we are also hopeful some restrictions with lighten up.

What are your favorite attractions/extras/places to stay (the list of resorts/hotels alone…)? Leave me all your tips!

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