Princess and The Frog Disney Day

Hi friends!

I’m sorry these blog posts haven’t been consistent as they were before. Little miss, pictured above, is growing through all the changes AT THE SAME TIME, as babies do, and life is taking new twists and turns with said changes.

Our Princess and The Frog Mardi Gras was so much fun. Unfortunately I didn’t get our recipes photographed, but we made some Air Fryer Beignets and easy Red Beans & Rice that were inspired from the linked recipes. So check those out!

With our yummy foods we also made Mardi Gras masks, which is always my favorite part. These are fun for pictures and play.

After watching the movie, we did out Dig a Little Deeper printable. This one really got my dragons thinking. My oldest loves when we do this type of activity (probably because he’s a very analytical character).

My younger two dragons like the hands-on stuff more than this sort of thing, but I love having the options for them.

I have some fun stuff coming up involving a certain new Disney movie and a spotted classic! What Disney days would you love to see on the blog?

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