101 Days of School (& Dalmatians) Book Mark

We recently celebrated our 101st day of school! As I homeschool my dragons, we tend to get to this point of the year a little later than those in traditional school. We basically go year-round and take our long breaks as needed.

To celebrate hitting this school milestone, we did a 101 Dalmatian Disney day! It was lots of fun and Iā€™m so excited to share it with you.

The first activity we did was use a print out to make homemade bookmarks! My oldest is an absolute bookworm book dragon and my younger two are aspiring readers, so I thought this would be an easy and fun activity that was school related.

I have also included a print out that is just ā€œ101 Dalmatians.ā€


– Free Printable

– Hole Punch

– String

* Optional: Card Stock and Glue


– Print the bookmark template and let your kids decorate it as they like.

– Cut out the bookmark. You can glue it to card stock to make it sturdier, or laminate it if that option is available to you.

– Punch a hole in it and add string for decoration!

Once my oldest designed his bookmark with spots, it was inevitable that his younger brothers would follow suit. But it was such a cute idea! These bookmarks are well-used already.

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