Find the Paw Prints!

Ready for more paw-some fun? (I know… bad, but I just couldn’t help myself.)

For our 101st Day of School, we used paw prints to write down some of the awesome things we had learned so far during our school year.

After the dragons had finished coloring them and such, they cut them out (and I helped with some). Then they were distracted while I hid the paw prints around the house! Once that was done, they had to go around and find the prints. Whoever found the most, won!

I didn’t have a prize because, if I’m honest, I did not want to engage in any arguments. BUT they had a lot of fun with this. They asked me multiple times to hide the paw prints. I did it twice. After that, it was up to them!

Another idea for these prints is to use them to put on things that start with “p”. It just so happened we were doing that letter during our Disney day escapade, so my middle dragon went around later and put paw prints on sever things (pretzels, pickles, a toy pig, the potty… you get the idea).

One craft but so many options on how to “use” it!

Don’t forget our bookmark printable and kanine krunchies!

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