Star Wars Day

Planning a Star Wars Day, I have to admit, was as much fun for me as it ended up being for the dragons. Growing up in a family with a mother who saw A New Hope in theaters sixteen times– I could not become an oddity that doesn’t like the Star Wars universe.

(This post was originally for my middle dragon’s birthday last year. To visit that post, go here.)

The first thing to plan was the food. Yoda Soda and the Light Saber Pretzels are always a big hit. I also made some popcorn extra fun by throwing in some galaxy sprinkles, and we pretended that the teddy grahams were Ewoks.

Next was some target practice. Since Storm Troopers don’t have very good aim, there was nothing better to shoot at!

We always try to do a craft, too, if time allows it. The dragons really enjoyed making their own droids, which all turned out to look like R2D2.

And you can’t do a Star Wars day without watching one of the films. Do you have a favorite? I know it’s probably sacrilegious, but I absolutely love Rogue One. I’m not sure I would say it’s my favorite, but it’s definitely up there. I’m not sure I can truly pick a favorite.

Share your pictures if you have a party or Star Wars Day with some of our ideas! Tag us on Instagram @ diy_disneydays

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