Raya and The Last Dragon Disney Day

Things have been pretty crazy around here, friends. Almost a year later from starting this blog and so much has changed! We are entering “birthday” season at my house. Staring in late April to early July, we have 4/6 birthdays and it always feels crazy- that’s not including our friends and family, either.

We were going to do a Raya scavenger hunt (similar to Onward and Beauty and the Beast) but we got sick (not Covid, thank heavens) and birthdays started crowding in… and it just didn’t happen. I am also now running an Etsy shop, DinglehopperDarling, if you’d like to check it out!

So, our Raya day has our two activities instead of three. But it was still magical!

We started with making Fruit Jerky. This was time consuming only because it had to cook for hours at a low temperature. Two out of three dragons loved it. My youngest said it wasn’t sweet enough, but he definitely has the sweetest tooth out of all of them.

When the jerky was done, we watched the movie with our sweet (healthy!) snack. Then we talked about the dragons and what our powers would be if we were a dragon. (My oldest always loves these types of activities.)

They turned their thoughts into artwork with this printable.

RAYA is such a good film. It focused on bringing people together, and I think that’s such an important message right now.

Have you had a RAYA day? Tag us in your photos!

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