Meet the Robinsons is one of my favorite Disney movies. The humor is underrated, in my opinion, and it has such a goose message about “owning your mistakes and keep moving forward.”

I think everyone focuses on the KEEP MOVING FORWARD and forgets the first part of the quote. Owning one’s mistakes. We don’t learn unless we fail, and as people we all fail an extraordinary amount.

Any way. Back to it.

For our Meet the Robinson’s day we talked about great inventors, like Louis, and talked about what the dragons would want to invent.

My oldest, per usual, went with a space theme. My middle wanted a smart house that can change into anything. My youngest was very focused on a house that could turn into a submarine.

My youngest drawing things from the movie instead of his invention ideas.

These dragons of mine are always building- legos, tiles, sand, dirt, sticks… anything and everything. I loved them putting pencil to paper and coming up with even bigger ideas than those they put together day-to-day.

What’s coming next? Let’s just say we will be exploring the perfect peanut butter to jelly ratio in a unique way….

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