Graham Cracker Go Karts (Wreck It Ralph)

Wreck It Ralph is a movie my dragons love. We bought the first one on a fluke, when my oldest wanted the dvd and had been so patient while we shopped for a TV (like 5-6 years ago). We said yes, and have never regretted that decision.

When the second one came out, I got to take my oldest to see it- just the two of us. It was so special. I value those memories.

For our Wreck It Ralph day, we knew we had to do something with race cars. We didn’t have a lot of candy on hand, so decided to make the go karts out of simple things we pretty much always have in the house.


– Graham Crackers

– Peanut Butter (or frosting, or something similar)

– Pretzel Sticks

– Marshmallows (or banana pieces work well, too)


– Brewk your Graham cracker in half and spread peanut butter on both halves.

– Put the marshmallows on one end of the pretzel sticks and then alternate the pretzel sticks on one half of the Graham cracker with the marshmallows on the outside.

My oldest is forever the messiest of them all.

– Put your other Graham cracker on top, peanut butter side down.

BAM. Easy and delicious. You could add chocolate or candy to this and decorate like they do in the movie, but we wanted to keep ours simple.

My youngest dragon just ate all the parts of his separately. He is not a huge peanut butter person and he doesn’t appreciate messes like my oldest two.

Who is enjoying all the summer fun now? We made a reasonable bucket list and can’t wait to check the things off. Comment and tell me a Disney movie that gives you all the summer vibes!

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