Wreck It Ralph Disney Day

We first bought Wreck It Ralph at a Best Buy when our oldest dragon came across it and remembered his cousin had told him how good it was. It was then played on repeat for a solid month.

Fast forward some years and Ralph Breaks The Internet is coming to theaters and I got to take the same obsessed dragon to see it on a ‘date’. He still talks about it.

Now both films are family favorites, so we had a lot of fun creating snacks for our Disney Days for both movies.

We started with making Graham Cracker Go Karts. While they weren’t Sugar Rush worthy, they were definitely a fun snack to build & eat. The dragons suggested using candy next time to make them even better.

We shall see.

Root Beer is a favorite in our house and it was so perfect for Ralph Breaks The Internet since we saw multiple characters enjoying it! I decided making these muffins would be something fun and different (not to mention easier to eat while watching the movie)!

I really want to dress baby girl up as Venellope for one Halloween. Wouldn’t that be fun?

What Disney days would you love to see on the blog?

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