Luca Disney Day

We have watched Disney Pixar’s Luca around 4-5 times at this rate. It’s a beautifully done movie about friendship and growing up. I’m so thankful my dragons love it, because it has given me an excuse to watch it several times with them.

We started our Luca day by making our Homemade Gelato without an ice cream maker!

This exceeded my expectations as it was the first time we ever tried anything like this before. Using fresh strawberries (per the request of the dragons), was definitely a good choice.

We started with gelato because it was to sit in the freezer for quite a while before you can eat it.

The next receipt we did was Trenette al Pesto.

This recipe came straight from Disney, but we put our spins on it since all the ingredients weren’t readily available to us.

This pasta is refreshing and so delicious. We gobbled it up, but saved some because we knew we would need it for our Porotorosso Cup Triathlon.

We did the events much like in Luca… the best we could. Pool, Pasta, and Wheels.

This was by far the favorite. After our Portorosso Cup, the dragons spend time doing the pool/wheels over and over again. Until we decided to slow down, watch the movie, and enjoy some gelato.

Luca makes for a perfect Disney day.

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