Avengers Party Food

My youngest dragon is four! How did that happen?

For his birthday, we had an Avengers celebration that I was exceptionally proud of. Let’s start with the party food, because the food is always so worth it!

Iron Man’s Punch

All you need for this punch is two drinks that have a good difference in sugar. We used pineapple juice (bottom) and fruit punch (top, which surprised me).

I did not have enough pineapple juice(or rather, underestimated how much I should put in). I would suggest having twice the amount on bottom as on top, to properly balance what gets mixed together.

Cap’s Shield

I used:


White Chocolate Covered Pretzels



Mini Marshmallows (in a star cookie cutter)

This was easy to assemble, although it did take some time to accept that people were going to devour/destroy it quickly.


Pretzel sticks and cheese sticks. That’s it! I cut cheese sticks over using cubes cheese because I figured I would be guaranteed bigger pieces.

Infinity Stones

We went with jelly beans because that’s a favorite and the bright colors matched the stones best (in my opinion)! But I think any candy like this (skittles? M&Ms? Gobstoppers?) could work.

For the cake, he wanted a four-shape and I surprised him with Avenger candles and Lego characters.

Come back to see what we did for games!

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