Avengers Party Games

For our Avengers Party we kept it pretty simple when it came to games. The great thing about having birthdays in the summer is we can ALWAYS incorporate W A T E R.

I printed off pictures of some Marvel villains, laminated them, and hung them around our yard. Then we filled some water balloons and the kids went to town taking our villains (and each other).

After getting wet and wild, I pulled out some Avenger Bingo from One Creative Mommy. This was easy to print, laminate, and pair with our Infinity Stones (aka jelly beans) for easy entertainment.

Picture also from One Creative Mommy!

I love this bingo because now we can play it whenever we like!

Can you spot the tapes up villain in the first blog picture? The older dragons were more entertained with getting each other with water than the villains, but it was a fun touch just the same!

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