Summer, please don’t go.

Hey all! This is a short personal post, so if you’re here for all things Disney- don’t mind this little interruption!

Summer is coming to a close quicker than I expected. I’ve been trucking along, getting ready for the upcoming school year with the dragons and princess, trying to figure out what that looks like. Our Disney days have slowed down as all the things begin and it gets harder to have our full, special days of fun.

If things slow down on the blog for a bit, never fear. I still have some tricks up my sleeve, and we have tons of magical fun on the calendar to do and share.

As a homeschooling mother of four, who also runs a side hustle and is teaching other kids come September, I’m figuring out as many twists and turns as I can. If I learned anything from the last year, it’s that I have to take things one day/project/to-do list at a time.

So, stick with me. I promise more fun and ideas and all things Disney are still happening. It just might slow down from time to time, as we all should.

If you stopped to read this, thank you! Tell me: what’s your favorite DIY Disney thing? (Recipes? Games? Crafts? Printables?) I would love to hear!

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