Welcome to DIY Disney Days! My name is Emily. I’m a mom of three dragons and one princess on the way. I’ve been a Disney enthusiast since the beginning of my days and love to bring the magic home.

Fun facts:

  • I’ve only ever been to Disneyland (as an adult) but hoping for a WDW trip come 2021 now that I live back on the East Coast.
  • I love crafting and baking even though I tend to lose my temper doing both because I want to be a perfectionist but nothing ever turns out perfect.
  • I have a super “girly” side, but having three boys before being blessed with a baby girl has taught me to embrace all the dirt and noise a person possibly can.


Before our last family trip to Disneyland in spring 2019, I planned “Disney Days” for my kiddos to get them extra excited for our upcoming trip. We watched their favorite movies, played Disney games, did crafts, and made yummy themed things to eat. With social distancing, quarantine status during COVID-19, I thought it would be extra fun to start the magic again and share it with others who are in the same situation with kiddos at home.

What I Do

I am a homeschooling SAHM meets novelist meets aspiring small business owner. I love blogging and sharing my life with others even though I’m typically introverted, and I’ve always wanted to run a successful small business (some day, my friends). I went to school for creative writing and have three finished novels, although none have been published (another someday).

What I Love

Obviously I love Disney. I love Jesus. I love my family. I love the outdoors. I love good food. I love good books. I love words. I love theater and the movies. And I LOVE sharing my loves with others.

Please Reach Out

I love working with others on these little projects of mine. If you have Disney Days of your own, or want specific ideas, or just want to say “hi”- I’d love to hear from you!

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