Avengers Party Games

For our Avengers Party we kept it pretty simple when it came to games. The great thing about having birthdays in the summer is we can ALWAYS incorporate W A T E R.

I printed off pictures of some Marvel villains, laminated them, and hung them around our yard. Then we filled some water balloons and the kids went to town taking our villains (and each other).

After getting wet and wild, I pulled out some Avenger Bingo from One Creative Mommy. This was easy to print, laminate, and pair with our Infinity Stones (aka jelly beans) for easy entertainment.

Picture also from One Creative Mommy!

I love this bingo because now we can play it whenever we like!

Can you spot the tapes up villain in the first blog picture? The older dragons were more entertained with getting each other with water than the villains, but it was a fun touch just the same!

Portorosso Cup Triathlon (Luca)

How is it July today? I can’t keep with this year. Maybe because last year seemed slower with how things were, this year seems to be flying by as things get back to ‘normal’ bit by bit.

In Luca, the three main characters enter a triathlon to win money for the thing they (or at least 2/3 of them) want most: a Vespa.

The triathlon consists of three events: swimming, pasta eating, and cycling. We decided to recreate the fun triathlon the best way we could.

The dragons lined up on our front porch, waiting for the event to start.

I decided it “wouldn’t be a race”, but instead I used the stopwatch on my phone to track each person’s time. (Had we had a group of kids the same age, verses three spread out, it would be totally fun as a true race.)

To keep track, I made this fun print out (provided below!)

We have a small blow-up pool, so we came up with jumping-jacks in the pool (as many as they are old to give the little ones a slight advantage).

After pool, came pasta! We used the Trenette al Pesto as our pasta (except my youngest dragon who insisted on having spaghetti-os is instead).

Real life. I didn’t clear the table foe these pictures. Oops!

After pasta, which I kept encouraging them to slow down and really eat (they didn’t listen), we had their scooters/bikes staged at the end of the driveway. We live on a cul de sac, so the deal was for them to go around it once. My middle dragon decided he would go all the way up our hill, then down and around the cul de sac. Otherwise I think he would’ve caught up to his bigger brother.

My oldest lead with the best times overall (no surprise). My youngest dragon was very happy to be slow and steady with it all.

After racing, they all played in our little pool for a good length of time and then enjoyed… what we have coming up for our Luca day next! Come back Monday to see.

Click the image to download and print! Clipart provided by disneyclips.com

Note: Our inflatable pool was a gift, purchased from Amazon. It’s super cute and fun. Please note that it doesn’t hold as many as the listing says. My two middles (4&6) can sit in it at the same time and they are on the smaller side.

Find the Paw Prints!

Ready for more paw-some fun? (I know… bad, but I just couldn’t help myself.)

For our 101st Day of School, we used paw prints to write down some of the awesome things we had learned so far during our school year.

After the dragons had finished coloring them and such, they cut them out (and I helped with some). Then they were distracted while I hid the paw prints around the house! Once that was done, they had to go around and find the prints. Whoever found the most, won!

I didn’t have a prize because, if I’m honest, I did not want to engage in any arguments. BUT they had a lot of fun with this. They asked me multiple times to hide the paw prints. I did it twice. After that, it was up to them!

Another idea for these prints is to use them to put on things that start with “p”. It just so happened we were doing that letter during our Disney day escapade, so my middle dragon went around later and put paw prints on sever things (pretzels, pickles, a toy pig, the potty… you get the idea).

One craft but so many options on how to “use” it!

Don’t forget our bookmark printable and kanine krunchies!