Frozen II Board Game (with printables!)

“Just do the next right thing. Take a step, step again. It is all that I can to do the next right thing.”

-Anna, Frozen II

“Next Right Thing” from Frozen II is a song I am feeling in my bones these days. What about you? It’s hard to know what the ‘next right thing’ is right now. The world is confusing, and even scary, for us all. So what do we do? The next right thing.

This game started out as just a red light/green light sort of thing, but then my brilliant older sister (you should check out her blog here– she has lots of Disney magic, too) made the suggestion of making a Candy Land-esque type game for Frozen. So, I decided to mix the two ideas into one fun game!

How do you play?

The game board is much like Candy Land. The squares are different colors, and there are color cards to print. You draw a card, and you go to the color on the board! However, if you don’t want to do that much printing/cutting- you can always use a die and just roll for how many spaces to move!

On the board there are snowflake squares to go with the snowflake cards. These are “Do the next right thing” scenarios.

Someone else reads the card to the turn-taker, and he/she can choose what the next right thing to do is. If he/she is right- they move forward a few steps! If not, a few steps back. If you’re letting littles play on their own (who maybe can’t read all the words), you can always skip this part of the game.

The snowflake cards naturally became the goal in our house, even for the youngest dragon who didn’t quite understand (he kept just saying the last thing he heard with the answer choices).

Do The Next Right Thing!

When I printed the game, I glued it to a thin box from amazon to make it more like a board. If you have the ability to print it bigger, I say go for it! But it’s not necessary. I glued all the pieces/cards to card stock to make them sturdier in hopes they’ll last longer (my dragons are hard on games).

If you’ve been playing a lot of games while social distancing, this is a good way to mix things up. Make sure to tag DIY Disney Days on social media if you snap a pic of your kiddos (or adults in your life) having fun with this!

WARNING: Lots of printables coming up. Printing the game board is necessary, but everything else is really up to you and how you want to play the game.

Click Image to Download/ Print.

You will want to print two copies of this to go on the back of the cards above.
You will want to print two copies of each set of color cards if you choose to use them.
Game pieces! Fold them at the line so they stand.

All clipart used from

I hope you enjoy this game, whichever way you choose to play it!

While you play, wear your Sven Antlers and enjoy a Frozen II themed snack tray/charcuterie board.

ONWARD Quest Scavenger Hunt

You have to take risks in life to have an adventure.

The Manticore in Disney Pixar’s ONWARD

Taking risks feels like going to the grocery store these days, am I right? But I thought creating an ONWARD adventure would be much more fun than deciding if I should order groceries or try and take all three littles with me to go grocery shopping. (A Mom’s gotta do what a Mom’s gotta do.)

Scavenger hunts are way too fun when you’re younger. Whether you’re searching for things (leaves, purple hats, yellow baskets… whatever) or searching for the next clue- it’s a fun way to keep kids moving and find a fun surprise at the end.

Waiting to start the hunt.

This quest took place mostly inside. Thankfully our rainy days cleared up and the kids were able to do the clues that involved them going outdoors (#7 & #8), but if you’re having inclement weather of some kind- it can always be changed a little!

I also incorporated the boys Wizard Staffs that we made, because what fun would the ONWARD quest be without a little magic? If you haven’t made the staffs, make sure to check out the post for an easy craft that will make this quest even more fun!

The Phoenix Gem we hid was actually an Easter Egg, and inside was the last note leading them to me for a magical unhealthy snack (aka Cosmic Brownies– thank you, pregnancy cravings). I always think ending the game with a fun snack to tie it all together is so worth it! If you want something ONWARD themed, check out Laurel Lightfoot’s Pigs-In-A-Blanket with Special Dipping Sauce!

Another fun idea for the end of the quest would be to hide the gem from one of their Wizard Staffs or a painted rock that resembles it!

PRINT or DOWNLOAD page one of
PRINT or DOWNLOAD page two of

All Clipart courtesy of

Check out DIY Disney Days Instagram stories to see these dragons doing part of this quest!

DIY Disney Days

The idea for DIY Disney Days started a year ago before my family’s last trip to Disneyland in California. I was super excited and wanted to get my three dragons just as pumped for our upcoming trip. We did crafts, watched movies, made yummy food, and more. As the quarantine for COVID-19 settled in, I realized just how much I was missing our Disney Days from almost exactly a year ago.

While I am a homeschooling mom, even before school closures, my family’s life doesn’t always revolve around just the home. We get out and go places to learn, interact with friends, and all that fun stuff. As that has become less possible, I wanted to find more ways to make being at home magical all over again. When questioning my dragons, they shared that they missed our planned activities from last year just as much as I did. And so, inspiration struck.

I knew that if we are missing our fun days, and really aren’t sure when the end will be (with the state our country and the world is in), what better time to seize the moment and start DIY Disney Days to share with everyone? (Whew, that was a long sentence. My bad.)

So, here we go.

First post featuring Disney Pixar’s ONWARD will be launching Friday, March 27th!

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“Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.” – Walt Disney