DIY Wizard Hats and (mini) Wizard Staffs

Long ago, the world was full of wonder. It was adventurous. There was magic. But it wasn’t easy to master. So the world found a simpler way to get by. But I hope there’s a little magic left in you.”

Disney Pixar’s ONWARD

If you’re looking for a little bit of magic after seeing Disney Pixar’s ONWARD, these crafts are what you’ve been waiting for! These hats and staffs have lead to lots of make-believe and reenactments of ONWARD.

Let’s start with the easiest one.



  • Craft Wooden Rods (with optional knobs for the “Phoenix Gem”)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Paint

You can find craft wooden rods on Amazon here. You can also find similar wooden dowels for said rods here. You could also make the phoenix gem out of play doh, which is what I did with my youngest because we only had two wooden knobs, but he took it off.


  • Prep the wooden dowels by adding designs with the hot glue gone to resemble wood grains and the twists in Ian Lightfoot’s wizard staff. (If you have little littles, it might be wise to do this ahead of time so the glue has time to dry before the “fun part” for them comes.)
  • Next is painting! Paint the staffs and dowels in whatever way you wish. My oldest wanted to stay true to the movie, but my two-year-old wanted as many colors as he could get.
  • Let all the paint dry before hot-gluing the dowel on top of the staff. Voila! You have a mini Wizard Staff!


Before we get into the wizard hats, I want to note that the materials we used don’t have to be used. I’m always very thankful for my Cricut and the ability to have steady lines that I couldn’t cut on my own, but before the Cricut was good old fashioned cutting and that will still work beautifully for this!

We also used felt because that’s what we had on hand, but if you’re a person who is good with a needle and thread, you could turn this into a fabric hat. OR you could just use paper! The great thing about this craft is it can be done in a multitude of ways.


  • 2 – 12 x 12 sheets of craft felt per hat
    (please see note above- this is to get the closest result to what is pictured that we made)
  • Hat template
    (included below)
  • Cricut or Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Elmer’s Glue
  • Stickers or extra felt for shapes/decorations
  • String, elastic, or yarn
PRINT or SAVE Wizard Hat Template


  • PREP: Use the template above with your Cricut or to cut the hats by hand. You want the cone shape to measure 11.5 x 11.36 inches, or as close as possible. You want the brim/circle to measure 11 x 11.1 inches, or as close as possible.

    Each part of the hat will take up one sheet of felt for your Cricut.

If you have older kids, they can help put the hats together, for sure. However, for younger littles- it’s best to continue to do the next part without them and save the decorating for them.

  • Next, glue the top of your cone shape so it resembles the top of a hat after slipping the brim around it to judge the fit. Like so:
  • Turn your hat upside down and use your hot glue gun to make a ring of glue, pressing the cone of the hat to the brim. Then take the hot glue gun and glue the seam of the cone together as well, overlapping so there are no holes/pockets.
    (This is so the glue is not visible on the outside. However, if you do a rim on the top as well- you could sprinkle it with glitter or use extra felt/paper to make a design.)
  • Trim the excess fabric from under the brim with scissors, then reinforce with glue again if desired.
  • Use your string/ elastic and measure it by placing the hat on your child’s head. You want it to be snug to hold the hat in place, but also capable of putting it on and taking it off without a struggle. Glue the string to the bottom of the brim of the hat with your hot glue gun.
    (This is optional if your hats are secure enough without it, but the way my kids are- we definitely needed it.)
  • Next is decorating! Cut out shapes, provide stickers, use glitter, buttons, feathers– whatever you like to make the wizard hats your own!

Make it extra fun by picking wizard names like in ONWARD.

Introducing (L to R):

Wizard Poo Poo, Flamingo the Greatest Wizard of All, and Wizardom the Great!

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DIY Disney Days

The idea for DIY Disney Days started a year ago before my family’s last trip to Disneyland in California. I was super excited and wanted to get my three dragons just as pumped for our upcoming trip. We did crafts, watched movies, made yummy food, and more. As the quarantine for COVID-19 settled in, I realized just how much I was missing our Disney Days from almost exactly a year ago.

While I am a homeschooling mom, even before school closures, my family’s life doesn’t always revolve around just the home. We get out and go places to learn, interact with friends, and all that fun stuff. As that has become less possible, I wanted to find more ways to make being at home magical all over again. When questioning my dragons, they shared that they missed our planned activities from last year just as much as I did. And so, inspiration struck.

I knew that if we are missing our fun days, and really aren’t sure when the end will be (with the state our country and the world is in), what better time to seize the moment and start DIY Disney Days to share with everyone? (Whew, that was a long sentence. My bad.)

So, here we go.

First post featuring Disney Pixar’s ONWARD will be launching Friday, March 27th!

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“Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.” – Walt Disney