Robin Hood Disney Day

Robin Hood has been a favorite since I was little. The love story with Maid Marian, the best friend Little John, the hilarious Sir Hiss and Prince John… it goes on. As fall approached, Robin Hood seemed the perfect choice for a Disney day.

We started our Disney day by putting together Little John’s Stew. Since this takes some TLC and some time, it was the best way to start.

This stew is one of my favorite things to make. I grew up with a different type of beef stew, and I have to admit that as I get older I prefer the rich gravy of the one we now make so often.

Then we moved on to the fun part for the dragons: making their own quivers.

One thing I had to make sure of, is that we had Pringle’s cans ready to go. Pringle’s are not something we buy regularly, so the dragons enjoyed having those as a snack the week leading up to our Robin Hood day.

These quivers were a lot of fun, and we might be doing another movie with a fantastic archer to make some arrows for them…

But before we do that, tell me: what are you doing for Halloween?

Robin Hood’s Quiver

This season of life is so busy. Our family went from having nothing (thanks to moving during a pandemic) to having all the things. Life tends to be funny that way. My little space of sharing Disney magic seems to be a little less consistent thanks to our busy schedules, but I hope you enjoy when the posts pop up!

We left our Robin Hood Day hovering with Little John’s Beef Stew. Now for a quick and easy craft to make your very own quiver!


– empty Pringle’s can

– construction paper or felt

– stickers, crayons- whatever you want to decorate with!

– String or elastic


– First, we wrapped our paper around the Pringle’s can and marked where the paper would overlap. Rather than cut it, I left it to overlap to make sure we didn’t see any of the can at all.

– Next, the dragons decorated the paper as they liked.

– Then we glued the paper on and gave it a minute to dry. My oldest added some lining to make it look like a “real quiver.”

– Last, I measured the dragons with their quiver straps. We used elastic so it had room to stretch without worrying about it snapping off. I also used hot glue to secure it to the bottom and inside the empty can.

Maybe we need to make something to put in the quiver… what do you think? Check back soon for more fun!

Have you made one of our crafts or recipes? Tag me on IG! I would love to see!

Little John’s Stew

Little John and Robin Hood, walking through the forest…. gettin’ ready to eat some yummy stew. That’s how it goes, right?

It is officially FALL! Who is excited? In August I was not ready for fall at all, but now I am just so excited it’s here. Our weather is starting to get that little bite of cold in the mornings and I just want to cuddle up with some coffee or soup.

Sorry for my little absence. We’ve been getting in the swing of school and soccer and all the things at our house. Anyone else? I don’t know how I’m always so surprised at how busy we are all of a sudden, and yet… I was.

Ok. On to the recipe.

This is a family favorite. Hearty beef stew served over mashed potatoes- you just can’t go wrong. You can also make it with the potatoes mixed in, which seems a little more true to Robin Hood form.


– 2.5lbs top sirloin cut into pieces or stew beef *I have used both and we prefer to use sirloin strips, but stew beef works perfectly, too!*

– 2+ TBSP olive oil

– Salt and Pepper

– 1/2C to 2/3C flour

– 1 tsp (four cloves) minced garlic

– 1 white onion

– 3-4 strips of bacon, cut into pieces

– 14.9 oz Guinness (I use extra stout!)

– 4TBSP tomato paste

– 3 C beef stock or water + 3TBSP beef bouillon

– 10-20 baby carrots (or 2-3 full sized carrots), chopped

– 2 celery stocks, chopped

– 3 bay leaves

– 1 tsp ground thyme

* You can also add 2-3 chopped potatoes if not serving over mashed potatoes!


– Start by putting flour, salt and pepper, and your beef into ziploc bags. Shake to coat your stew super well.

– Heat around 2 TBSP olive oil in the bottom of your large pot over medium heat. Working the steak in batches, brown the steak until all sides are brown and you don’t see anything red/pink.

– When finished with a batch of steak, remove from pot and store on a plate.

*If the bottom of your large pot is coated in burned or cooked bits, add a little water to loose the worst pieces in-between batches of steak. You DO NOT want the bottom of your pot to have burned stuff on it; it will effect the whole soup.*

– If the pot is dry, add a little oil with each new batch.

– When your meat is finished, add another TBSP of olive oil to the pot and add your bacon, onion, and garlic.

– Add your carrots and celery as your onion and garlic look a little brown. Sauté until the bacon appears almost completely cooked, around four minutes or so.

– Add your Guinness, beef stock, tomato paste. Stir well and bring to a boil.

*If adding potatoes, add them now.*

– Return your meat to the pot. Once your stew is bubbling, lower the heat to a simmer and let it simmer for 2-3 hours.

Serve with some yummy mashed potatoes or a roll!

Stay tuned for more ROBIN HOOD fun!