Brave Disney Day

Brave is one of those movies that we used to not watch in our Disney line-up. When my oldest was little, he was terrified of the mean bear. Then my second dragon was, too. And so forth. It’s only now that we have started watching it more, because my Princess just roars and crawls around when the bears are on the screen.

This Disney day was so refreshing after we hadn’t done one in a while!

We decided to make some craft arrows to recognize Merida’s love of archery. Following our Robin Hood Disney Day, it was fun to bring two crafts together. Maybe we’ll have to do another movie with an archer to figure out a bow craft…

They all really enjoyed putting the arrows together for this one.

After crafting and watching the movie, we made Bridies. I should say I made it, except for some small assistance on cooking the ground lamb from my oldest dragon.

This is definitely a dish that warms the soul on a cold day. Since Phil the groundhog has said six more weeks of winter, we will definitely be making this one again.

“Legends are lessons. They ring with truths.”

I hope you have a Brave Disney day and enjoy it!

Coming to the blog: “We don’t talk about Bruno, BUT…”

Merida’s Arrows

Merida’s love of archery is something that my dragons relate to, and definitely keeps their interest when watching the movie. We decided for our craft, we would tie it in with the quivers we made when we did our Robin Hood Disney Day.


– Wooden dowels (we used these from Amazon)

– Felt or heavy paper

– Arrowhead and Feather printable (see below)

– Glue

– Markers/paints

The first thing we did was decorate the wooden dowels. The dragons and Princess wanted their arrows to be personalized, and who can blame them? This lengthens the life of the craft, too, if you don’t want it to be super short!

We have these easy and fun paint markers we got from Amazon that we used to decorate the dowels with.

After painting the dowels, I used my cricket to cut felt into the shapes foe the arrowheads and feathers. they picked favorite colors for each, and then we used hot glue to attach them to the dowels.

Another way to do it, is cut them just on normal paper and decorate those as well. Then you can use normal glue or a stapler to attach them to the end of the dowels!

My oldest dragon decorated his with a space theme and his name. I might have taken over decorating the princess’.

Don’t forget to check out our Bridies recipe we made for our Brave day, too!

Tarzan Disney Day

Tarzan seems a perfect way to end your summer. I’m not exactly sure why, but it felt like a perfect movie for us to transition from summer to school year mode.

In the past, I’ve done a safari day with my dragons for Tarzan.

Very first Tarzan day when my oldest dragon was *almost* four.

We made binoculars from toilet paper tubes, hung paper vines from doors, and set up their stuffed animals all over the house to explore the jungle. While we didn’t do this in a picture-worthy manner this time, I highly encourage it to start your Tarzan day!

After that, make some Banana muffins.

This recipe is so delicious and easy. It’s great to enjoy with the movie and is filling. Plus, gorillas love bananas (and other types of fruit, too)!

This All About Gorillas printable was a lot of fun foe the dragons. Not only did they learn some facts that the movie doesn’t offer, but they got to color some of their favorite characters!

Let’s have a small moment together:

This blog has slowed down just a little. As our school year unfolds, sometimes all the hands-on Disney days are hard to keep up with (especially as I’m homeschooling more than just one dragon).

I hope to get more hands-on again, but appreciate the loyalty through recipes and printables!

Want more ideas for Tarzan? Two paper plates, with beans in the middle, stapled together and decorated- BAM: musical instruments! Trash the camp, my friends.