Snowman Poop (Frozen)

Not only are we building snowmen for Frozen, we’re eating them, too!

While we made a snack tray for Frozen 2, we wanted to do something a little more wintry for frozen.

This snack is sweet, easy, and as my oldest said: “For poop, this actually tastes good!”

You’re welcome for that.


– 3 C of Kix cereal

– 6 to 10 oz white melting chocolates

– 1 to 3 C powdered sugar


– In a large bowl, follow the directions on your chocolates to completely melt them until nice and smooth when stirred (no bumps).

-‘Stir in your Kix and powdered sugar, alternatively adding them 1C at a time until you have them as coated as you’d like them to be.

* If mixture gets too difficult to mix, you can coat a cookie sheet with parchment paper and lay out the mix to help disburse the chocolates and powdered sugar better. This also makes any extra powdered sugar appear as “snow.”

That’s it! You might have some snow that appears a little yellow I’d not mixed quickly enough, so just remember this is the only time that eating yellow snow is ok!

Olaf Ornaments

Do you want to build a snowman??

I sure do! Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s all the winter holiday feels in our house. We kicked off the season with watching the first Frozen.

You might recall we did Frozen 2 back when it was released to Disney+, and this time was just as fun. We started off with these fun Olaf ornaments- and yay, free printable!


– Felt or Paper

– Olaf template (printable below)

– Googly

– Glue

– Twine/String


– Use the Olaf template to print off and put together. You can also use it to trace/cut the shapes from felt (or put it into your Cricut if you have one!).

– Put Olaf together and add some googly eyes! (Ours are currently MIA so we drew them in. My dragons also didn’t like the “empty noses” so we drew those in, too.)

– If you use paper, use a hole-punch to make a space for your added twine. If you use felt, use a hot glue gun to get your string to stay on the back.

Winter’s a good time to stay home and cuddle! Enjoy your Olaf craft.

Frozen II Disney Day

“Yes, some things never change, like the feel of your hand in mine. Some things stay the same, like how we get along just fine. Like an old stone wall that will never fall, some things are always true, some things never change- like how I’m holding on tight to you.”

Some Things Never Change, Frozen II

Our Frozen fun had to be some of my absolute favorite. I love Frozen II, and putting all the things together to make it even more magical was a challenge I happily accepted from my dragons.

We started by making Sven Antlers for a craft. Super simple and something that they could color and then wear around as long as they liked. While we used card stock, I would suggest using foam if you have it so the antlers can last even longer! However, then they won’t get to color them like we did.

To go with our movie-viewing, I decided to make a charcuterie board. This is a favorite movie-time-munchies tradition in our house for just about any movie. It’s an easy way to have snacks readily available so there’s no pausing to get something else, or maybe getting frustrated because one certain someone (see: middle dragon pictured above) keeps saying, “I’m still hungry!” The snacks are all in one spot, mostly healthy, and easily in arms- reach.

I took the beginning of the movie as inspiration for this. A spring-harvest board that also went along with Frozen II was easy to assemble with snacks/fruits that are in season. Grocery stores are still stocking Frozen II themed things (like fruit snacks and yogurts), so I snagged some of those, too!

After watching the movie, I had our very own Frozen II board game ready to play! This “Do The Next Right Thing” themed candy land-esque game is an absolute favorite. The dragons continuously ask to play it, and I have to admit I’m extra thankful! If you do all the cutting/gluing/etc- it can be time consuming to set up. However, it is so, so worth it. There are also other ways to play (easier, that don’t involve as much printer ink or cutting)! Check out the post with the details here.

After all this was said and done, the dragons still kept asking if I had more planned. Which, let’s be honest, is affirming and tiring all at the same time! If you want more Frozen II fun, you can always check out Disney Family for a Frozen II memory game and/or maze printable.

What is your favorite thing from Frozen II? I think mine is when Olaf sings “When I Am Older”. I laugh way too hard every time I hear/watch the song. Olaf is such comedic relief, and this song in particular really hits home right now. I mean- does any of this make sense?

“This will all make sense when I am older. Someday I will see that this makes sense. One day, when I’m old and wise I’ll think back and realize that these were all completely normal events.”

When I Am Older, Frozen II

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