Little Mermaid Disney Day

I think it’s safe to say that I could start out every post saying: “This Disney movie has always been one of my favorites.” But when it comes to The Little Mermaid, it’s more than true. I have always loved Ariel and the characters surrounding her. Although many have tried to ruin the love story for me (including the actual fairytale from Hans Christian Anderson), it still remains a favorite.

For our Little Mermaid day, we did it all: played outside, painted/crafted, and ate some yummy foods. It was magical. Let’s go in order.

First, I set up our water activity (water beads) since it takes a while to become magical. This was something I purchased for the day, but it lasted us past the confines of our Little Mermaid day and was 100% worth it! If you like sensory play for your littles, or have always wondered about water beads, I say go for it!

While this was marinating, we started their Little Mermaid paintings which also had a few steps involved. Painting an ocean background, painting Ariel, and putting it all together with some seashells we had on hand as well.

As the paint was drying, we enjoyed our movie earlier in the day along with our Under the Sea Mix and Mermaid Water. Easy snacks that were absolutely delicious.

After our movie, we finished the paintings before heading outside to enjoy the afternoon sunshine. The dragons loved the water beads set-up, and ended up playing in the sprinkler with their water guns and bubble machine as well.

What better time to enjoy some water play than on a Little Mermaid day, am I right? If the pool in our neighborhood had been open, you can bet we would’ve been there, too!

I loved the colors involved with our Little Mermaid day. All the blues and greens and purples and pinks… it just ended up being so fun and pretty!

Make sure to tag us when you do your Little Mermaid Disney Day.

Little Mermaid Water Play

As I hope you are enjoying warm weather now that we are well into June, I knew we couldn’t do our Little Mermaid day without getting, well, wet.

“Darling it’s better, down where it’s wetter. Take it from me!

Up on the shore they work all day, out in the sun they slave away.

While we devotin’, full time to floatin’

Under the sea!”

Under the Sea, The Little Mermaid

(Anyone else wish they were devoting’ their full time to floatin’ right about now? I know I do!)

To make it extra fun, I decided to spend a little money on this activity and branch from what we really had on hand at home. The boys had never done water beads because I had never really given them the time of day and this seemed like the perfect time to give them a try.

I bought this set of Ocean Water Beads from Amazon that came with under sea creatures and a shovel for them to use to look for the animals. It was $16 well spent, let me tell you!

The only thing about the set- it didn’t come with directions! I learned that you do 3C tap water/ pack of beads and you should let them soak for around 4 hours, at least.

My oldest helped me set it up without knowing what we were doing, and wondered aloud why we were filling the water table with sprinkles. As you can see, they absorbed beautifully! I didn’t add the creatures until after the water beads were done soaking.

I set this up right before we did our Little Mermaid paintings and watched the movie with our Under the Sea Mix and Mermaid Water.

Our beads soaked for almost exactly four hours and turned out beautifully. We ended up playing in the sprinkler, with water guns, and our bubble machine as well. It was such a fun day. Surprisingly, even my 8YO got a kick out of the water beads and looking for the sea creatures. I thought it might be a little “below” him age wise, but he really seemed to enjoy it!

We were able to get multiple uses out of these beads. They did start to shrink by the third day we had left them out, but when we added more water- they bubbled up again! They were a lot of fun to play with.

Under the Sea Mix and Mermaid Water

Confession: whenever we watch Little Mermaid, we eat some kind of seafood. That’s a little twisted, isn’t it?

For our Little Mermaid Disney Day, I decided our snacks needed to err on the side of pretty and delicious rather than… fishy.

(Although, I will be honest- my dragons asked for fish sticks to go along with it.)

Under the Sea Mix


This was pretty easy. If I’m honest, I didn’t measure. I just threw a handful of each thing into the cup and called it a day! I added the sprinkles last to make sure they were visible.

Mermaid Water


  • Berry Blue Typhoon Hawaiian Punch
  • Pineapple Juice
  • Sprite (optional)


  • Mix your Hawaiian punch and pineapple juice 2:1. So, two cups of Hawaiian punch = one cup of pineapple juice. If you’re going to serve all at once, half it with sprite. (Example: 4 C Hawaiian Punch, 2 C pineapple juice, 6 C sprite).

    Ta-Dah! That’s it! My youngest doesn’t like carbonation in drinks, so he was happy to drink the mermaid water without it.

    With my oldest ones, I added the sprite before serving. My husband said it tastes like a Mountain Dew Baha Blast without the caffeine. So, if you like that sort of thing- you’ll definitely like this!

Easy snacks to go with your movie viewing.

Don’t forget to start the Little Mermaid paintings before the movie so you can finish them after!