Brave Disney Day

Brave is one of those movies that we used to not watch in our Disney line-up. When my oldest was little, he was terrified of the mean bear. Then my second dragon was, too. And so forth. It’s only now that we have started watching it more, because my Princess just roars and crawls around when the bears are on the screen.

This Disney day was so refreshing after we hadn’t done one in a while!

We decided to make some craft arrows to recognize Merida’s love of archery. Following our Robin Hood Disney Day, it was fun to bring two crafts together. Maybe we’ll have to do another movie with an archer to figure out a bow craft…

They all really enjoyed putting the arrows together for this one.

After crafting and watching the movie, we made Bridies. I should say I made it, except for some small assistance on cooking the ground lamb from my oldest dragon.

This is definitely a dish that warms the soul on a cold day. Since Phil the groundhog has said six more weeks of winter, we will definitely be making this one again.

“Legends are lessons. They ring with truths.”

I hope you have a Brave Disney day and enjoy it!

Coming to the blog: “We don’t talk about Bruno, BUT…”

Brave Bridies and a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! I have to admit, I’m so happy it’s 2022. I’m not entirely sure why, but it just feels like a wonderful fresh start.

We are starting the new year with a highly underrated film (in my humble opinion): Brave. Not only do I love Merida, but her mom, Eleanor, is one of my favorite Disney moms, ever.

For this film, I wanted to make a meat pie. So I did some research, and found that Bridies is a traditional Scottish dish and it’s exactly what I was looking for! Think shepherd’s pie with a good crust and no potatoes.

I tried this with two different crusts and can’t decide which one I like best (my family was torn as well). So, I’ll give you both options!

Scottish Bridie


– Two frozen pie crusts OR two rolls of Pillsbury crescents

– 1 TBSP olive or vegetable oil

– 1 lb ground lamb (or beef or Turkey)

– 1/3 C chopped onion

– 2 TBSP Worcestershire sauce

– 1 tsp dried thyme

– 1/2 tsp nutmeg

– 1/3 C rolled oats

– 1/2 C – 1 C beef stock or gravy *I used water + “better than beef bouillon”*

– salt and pepper

– 1 egg *optional*


– Heat your oven to 400°F.

– Pour your oil into a large skillet over medium heat. Add the meat and onion and cook, moving to break up the meat. Cook until the onion is translucent and the meat is completely cooked through.

– Add the Worcestershire sauce, thyme, nutmeg, oats, and beef stock. Cook for an additional three minutes. Season with salt and pepper.

The oats work as a sort of roux, thickening the gravy and filling. Makes it much more filling!

– Spray a pie dish. If using crescents, roll out each roll so it is one giant sheet of dough. Place one of these into your pie dish. This will work much nicer than my Tetris version:

If using pie crust, place in traditionally.

– Put your filling into your crust. If using traditional pie crust, pinch the sides using a fork and trim extra dough. Cut slits into the top to vent. Brush the top with egg.

If using crescents, use your other rolled out roll as the top. I did not vent it with these, as my Tetris version wasn’t completely sealed.

– Bake for 30-40 minutes. Check to see that your crust, regardless of kind, is looking nice and golden.

Serve warm. This is positively delicious, and even my picky kids who oddly do not like pie crust or crescents, ate this dish!

For a more traditional way of serving, consider making individual pies!

Luca Disney Day

We have watched Disney Pixar’s Luca around 4-5 times at this rate. It’s a beautifully done movie about friendship and growing up. I’m so thankful my dragons love it, because it has given me an excuse to watch it several times with them.

We started our Luca day by making our Homemade Gelato without an ice cream maker!

This exceeded my expectations as it was the first time we ever tried anything like this before. Using fresh strawberries (per the request of the dragons), was definitely a good choice.

We started with gelato because it was to sit in the freezer for quite a while before you can eat it.

The next receipt we did was Trenette al Pesto.

This recipe came straight from Disney, but we put our spins on it since all the ingredients weren’t readily available to us.

This pasta is refreshing and so delicious. We gobbled it up, but saved some because we knew we would need it for our Porotorosso Cup Triathlon.

We did the events much like in Luca… the best we could. Pool, Pasta, and Wheels.

This was by far the favorite. After our Portorosso Cup, the dragons spend time doing the pool/wheels over and over again. Until we decided to slow down, watch the movie, and enjoy some gelato.

Luca makes for a perfect Disney day.