Soul Disney Day

Disney Pixar’s Soul is another movie that deals with disappointments of real life, pulls at your feels, and comes to an emotionally satisfying ending.

I love movies like this because it opens the floor for discussions with the dragons, not to mention it shows them that their feelings and reactions they might have are verified. They don’t have to feel bad about being disappointed or scared or worried or WHATEVER.

For Soul, we visited the idea of the SPARK first. 22 learns in the end that a “spark” isn’t just a person’s passion for one thing, but the desire to LIVE. The dragons expressed their sparks as dreams, every day things like riding bikes, and love for family.

After this activity, we made some homemade pizza (22 has a thing for pepperoni pizza, hold the broccoli) with homemade pizza sauce. We’ve decided we are never buying premade pizza sauce because we love our homemade recipe too much.

After we watched the movie with our pizza, we did another drawing/writing activity about encouraging ourselves and others. When Joe finds 22 as a “lost soul”, he sees all the mean things other mentors- as well as himself- have said to them. We talked about this part, as it scared the 3YO, and mentioned how important words are. Not only words, though, as actions can be discouraging and encouraging, too!

I loved that my oldest is encouraged by his own belief in himself. I feel like we all could learn from this.

Have you had a Soul day yet? Tag us on IG if you do am activity!

Homemade Pizza Sauce

When we watched Inside Out, we did homemade pizza. Now, with Soul, we are sharing our homemade pizza sauce recipe!

Someone at Pixar must be passionate about pizza, much like 22 in Soul.

This sauce is super easy and can be made with things most people will have on hand!


  • 15 oz can tomato sauce
  • 1 TBSP Oregano (add more to taste)
  • 2 TBSP Italian Seasoning
  • 1/2 tsp minced garlic (or garlic powder)
  • 1/2 tsp onion powder
  • – 1/4 tsp ground black pepper
  • 1 TBSP sugar

* You can add 6oz tomato paste to make this sauce thicker and it works like a dream. I did not have any on hand at the time of making it this round, but when I have it- I use it.


  • Add your sauce, seasonings, and sugar to a small pot. Heat over medium heat on the stove.
  • Whisk it all together. Once the sauce begins bubbling/boiling, turn it off immediately.
  • The sauce does not have to cool before applying to your pizza crust (check out our homemade pizza dough recipe to make this easy and complete!)
  • Put your leftovers in a jar and save it for another time!

Voila! Homemade sauce that is easy and delicious. My kids always say they prefer our homemade stuff to the store-bought kind.

Snake In My Boot + Toy Story Alien Snacks

If you had to choose, who would it be: Buzz or Woody? Well, for our Toy Story snacks- you don’t have to choose! We made something suitable for each character.

Snake In My Boot Snack


  • popcorn
  • gummy worms
  • snake in my boot printable
  • paper bags/bowls


  • Put some popcorn and gummy worms together (get it? SNAKE in my boot)
  • Put your “Snake in My Boot” printable on what you’re serving in. We used paper bags. Or you can do plastic bags. Or paper cups. ANYTHING works. It’s a simple snack that’ll make viewing a Toy Story movie a little more special (we used this when we watched Toy Story 2).

Toy Story Alien Snacks


  • Large Marshmallows
  • White Melting Chocolates + green food dye (or green candy melts if you can find them)
  • Cake Pop Sticks or Paper Straws
  • Candy Eyes


  • Follow the directions on how to melt your white chocolates or green candy melts. If you’re using white chocolates, add your green food dye and mix until it’s to your liking.
  • Stick a marshmallow on a cake pop stick or straw. Gently roll it in your melted chocolates until well coated (I didn’t worry so much about the bottom near the straw).
  • Add your candy eyes while the melted chocolate is still wet. Set on wax paper or ceramic/glass dish to while it sets.

Both these treats were easy and a big hit. If you’re going to have a Toy Story marathon, you can spread out the love and have these snacks with the different ones! BONUS: make some bagel bites or use our Homemade Pizza recipe to have your own pizza planet! (Printable for a sticker/label below just for you!)

click to print or download