Toy Story Disney Day

Toy Story has always been one of my favorite series of Disney Pixar movies. I have to admit when they kept coming out with sequels, I was nervous every single time. But they never let me down.

Thankfully, my love for Toy Story passed down to my dragons. We stretched our Toy Story love out over a few days for the four films.

To set up our first day, I decided we’d do the first two movies with snacks. I prepared our Snake in My Boot + Alien snacks that were a big hit. We also enjoyed some bagel bites with Pizza Planet stickers on the paper plates for added affect.

After watching the first two films, we created our own Mr. Potato Heads before watching the third the next day. My dragons love the cut + glue crafts, so this was a big hit. Plus, I left them in black and white so they got to color them however they wanted.

After finishing the films, we decided to play a version of Freeze Tag only it’s: Andy’s coming! You could also change this to Bonnie’s Coming depending on when you play! The dragons had a lot of fun giggling and playing this, trying to stay still in silly positions.

I think it would be even more fun outside or with more kids! We’ve been experiencing some rainy days, so we had to stay indoors for it this time around.

Have you done a Toy Story day (or two or four) before? What were your favorite things to do? Share in the comments!

Andy’s Coming! Freeze Tag

Have you ever tried to yell: ANDY’S COMING! at Disneyland or Disney World? I seem to always forget, but I’ve always wanted to try. If you have, please let me know if the characters actually fell to the ground. I’d love to see that.

For Toy Story Day, we decided to do something similar. Tag is always a big hit with my kids. They love to RUN, and- bonus: it tires them out. So we decided to play a form of freeze tag/dance.

The person that is “it” or Andy, has to hide and count to ten while the “toys” are running around. However, when Andy decides he’s had enough- he yells “Andy’s coming!” and pops out. The Toys must freeze (preferably falling to the ground) so Andy doesn’t catch them. If Andy says he saw you move, you switch places. And so it continues.

You could also change this to “Bonnie’s Coming” or just “Kids are coming!” depending on when you play it/the Toy Story you’re watching.

Sweet and simple, this game made my dragons very happy. Eventually we had to instill counting to make sure the youngest actually stayed turned around for a little while, and to make sure my older dragons enjoyed playing over making it a competition to see who could not be Andy the quickest.

Snake In My Boot + Toy Story Alien Snacks

If you had to choose, who would it be: Buzz or Woody? Well, for our Toy Story snacks- you don’t have to choose! We made something suitable for each character.

Snake In My Boot Snack


  • popcorn
  • gummy worms
  • snake in my boot printable
  • paper bags/bowls


  • Put some popcorn and gummy worms together (get it? SNAKE in my boot)
  • Put your “Snake in My Boot” printable on what you’re serving in. We used paper bags. Or you can do plastic bags. Or paper cups. ANYTHING works. It’s a simple snack that’ll make viewing a Toy Story movie a little more special (we used this when we watched Toy Story 2).

Toy Story Alien Snacks


  • Large Marshmallows
  • White Melting Chocolates + green food dye (or green candy melts if you can find them)
  • Cake Pop Sticks or Paper Straws
  • Candy Eyes


  • Follow the directions on how to melt your white chocolates or green candy melts. If you’re using white chocolates, add your green food dye and mix until it’s to your liking.
  • Stick a marshmallow on a cake pop stick or straw. Gently roll it in your melted chocolates until well coated (I didn’t worry so much about the bottom near the straw).
  • Add your candy eyes while the melted chocolate is still wet. Set on wax paper or ceramic/glass dish to while it sets.

Both these treats were easy and a big hit. If you’re going to have a Toy Story marathon, you can spread out the love and have these snacks with the different ones! BONUS: make some bagel bites or use our Homemade Pizza recipe to have your own pizza planet! (Printable for a sticker/label below just for you!)

click to print or download